February 10, 2022

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Hiring a professional to conduct a home inspection after your offer is accepted can help identify potential defects before you settle on the sale of the home. Knowing a home inspection checklist in advance will help ensure key structural components of the home are examined. A home inspection provides a detailed assessment of the property’s...
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When you are selling your home, your broker or salesperson will ask you to sign a listing agreement. The listing agreement is the contract between you and the brokerage that permits them to market and sell your home. These agreements should be in writing in order to protect the interest of all parties. Contents of...
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Whether you’re moving to accommodate your growing family or looking for a smaller space to be your empty nest, selling your home is a big decision. To help you make smart decisions, it’s important to think with your head and not your heart. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) shares their tips for being...
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Federal money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations require real estate agents and brokers to collect personal identification information from buyers and sellers. Your REALTOR® must obtain personal information to comply with the law. It is the federal Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) that requires financial institutions and real estate agents,...
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For sellers: Dealing with competing offers In certain market conditions, consumers may find that more than one buyer is interested in a property. This is a competing offer situation and creates unique conditions in a real estate transaction. Both sellers and buyers need to consider how to respond when presented with a competing offer situation....
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