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Experience Chatham-Kent

Chatham-Kent is a great destination for dining, parks, beaches, shopping, programs, and nationally known events and attractions, offering amazing opportunities for individuals and families to enjoy alike.

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Chatham-Kent Culture

Enjoying great multicultural growth, Chatham-Kent is a warm and welcoming municipality. Enjoying the music, food, stories, and celebrations from people from different backgrounds, our residents are proud of the diversity found in Chatham-Kent.

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Family Life

As a safe and affordable community, Chatham-Kent is ready for families, couples, and individuals at every stage in life. From childhood to retirement, our communities have lots to offer.

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Chatham-Kent provides many unique employment opportunities across a multitude of sectors. Our community can provide you with the resources needed to find your next job or work-related opportunity. See below to discover how you can grow your future in Chatham-Kent.

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Home to numerous public and private schools, and two respected post-secondary institutions, Chatham-Kent places value in Education. Students in Chatham-Kent will enjoy access to well-trained teachers and quality programs through every step of their education.

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Childcare Providers

It is important that you trust your childcare provider. We strive to ensure you are able to make an informed decision that works for you and your family as we want you to find childcare that is able to meet the needs of your family.

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Seniors Programs & Resources

Providing quality health care, opportunities to socialize, and activities that help to develop and enjoy new and old interests, our community provides its seniors with safe and active lives.

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Establishing a Doctor

Ontario provides one of the best health care systems globally. Our professional and competent doctors are trained to advocate for their patients while maintaining a quality system. Your health is in good hands in Chatham-Kent.

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Medical Care & Hospitals

With two hospital locations in Chatham-Kent, the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance offers professional health care service. Both sites are home to state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, top-tier operational performance, and premium service.

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