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Why Use a Local REALTOR®?

Realtors in Chatham Kent explain why you should use a Local Realtor! The benefits are real!  A Chatham-Kent Realtor: Knows the lay-of-the-land! Are your neighbors and friends! Are connected to a vast network of other local professionals! May introduce you to hidden gems in the community! Check out our very own Dave McDonnell and fellow realtors […]

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Mortgage Affordability Calculator

When searching for a new home, the first step is to figure out how much you can afford. This calculator takes the most important factors like your income and expenses and determines the maximum purchase price that you can qualify for.

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Market Evaluations

What is a home market evaluation and why is it important? Home market evaluations help sellers to properly price their home and they also assist buyers with purchasing a home.  It would only be a guessing game when buying or selling real estate without market evaluations. Home market evaluations are completed by registered real estate […]

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CMHC Insurance Calculator

The calculator below will give you an idea of how much CMHC insurance might cost on your mortgage. Put in an asking price and a down payment amount and it will estimate your mortgage insurance premium.  Mortgage default insurance, also referred to as CMHC insurance, is mandatory in Canada for down payments of less than […]

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Home Inspectors

Hereygers Home Inspections Jim Hereygers 519-365-2611 Great Lakes Inspection Services Michael Gray 519-350-6682 Nolan Inspection Services Ken Nolan 519-365-9910 Mike McIntosh Enterprises Ltd. Mike McIntosh 519-358-8853 Integrity Pro Home Inspections Josh Johnston 519-784-8191

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Mortgage Brokers and Specialists

Looking for a Mortgage Broker/Specialist and don’t know where to go? Let us point you in the right direction!   Family Lending Dave Myers, Mortgage Broker 136 St. Clair St, Chatham, Ontario Phone: 519.351.7283 Ext. 215 Email: Website: The Mortgage Centre Julie Brenneman, Principal Broker 202 King St. W, Suite 300J, Chatham, Ontario […]

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Real Estate Lawyers in Chatham-Kent

Mark Michael Mackew 4 Talbot Street West Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0 (519) 676-3266 237 Wellington Street West Chatham, ON N7M 1J9 (519) 354-0407 Trevor Hinnegan Law 75 Thames St., Box 428 Chatham, ON N7M 5K5 (519) 355-1800 Mallory Law Professional 15 George St. Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0 (519) 676-5465 16 Victoria Ave Chatham,ON  N7L 2Z6 (519)397-2550 Jonathan Quaglia Law Office 193 Queen Street Chatham, ON N7M 2G9 (519) 352-8580 Langford […]

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Home Inspection Checklist

Hiring a professional to conduct a home inspection after your offer is accepted can help identify potential defects before you settle on the sale of the home. Knowing a home inspection checklist in advance will help ensure key structural components of the home are examined. A home inspection provides a detailed assessment of the property’s […]

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